Our quality standards are concise sets of prioritised statements designed to drive measurable quality improvements within a particular area of health or care. They are derived from the best available resources.

Safety Standards

Our industrial hygiene and safety standards specify the materials and detail the test methods that are relevant in recognizing, assessing, and controlling the physical, chemical and environmental hazards involved in the workplace.


Continuous Casting Machine, Electrical Arc Melting Furnace, Ladle Refining Furnace, Vacuum Degassing/Vacuum Oxygen Decarburisation Unit, Smelting Furnace

Research & Development

We are an innovative team in steel sector, incorporated in January 2005 with a vision of excellence to provide proper solution for the Steel Melting Shop related equipment/production.


Electric Arc Furnace

Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) was invented in the beginning...

Ladle Refining Furnace

Ladle Refining Furnace (LRF) was introduce in the line of steel...

Continuous Casting Machines

The CCM (Continuous Casting Machine) application basically stands out to...

Auto Hot Billet Shearer

Auto Hot Billet Shearer (AHBS) is introduced inside the Caster on the...

Other Products

More products from us...