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Our other products are as follows:

VD (Vacuum Decarburization)

Vacuum Degassing (VD) is used, after the liquid metal left the melting furnace & before it is poured in the casting machines or ingots, to produce quality steel by reducing Hydrogen, Nitrogen & Oxygen from liquid metal.

VOD (Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization)

Vacuum Oxygen Decarburisation (VOD) is the procedure by which Carbon & Oxygen removal from liquid metal takes place. Apart from that removal of Lead, Zinc & Hydrogen can be done in VOD. Decarburisation of high-alloyed steel grades to very low carbon contents is possible in VOD.

Alloy Additive System

Alloy Additive System is used to meet up the demand of different steel grades in the market. Steel can be produced by refining the liquid metal in various step & procedure but to make specialized characteristics or to enhance certain characteristics of the steel, as per requirement, different alloys added to the liquid metal viz. Manganese or Chromium added to increase the hardness & strength of steel.

DRI Feeding System

Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) feeding system was introduced to steel melting shop to produce high quality low residuals steels with the anticipated expense of specific energy. Melting furnaces with larger capacity needs automated charging system to ensure production. DRI Feeding System ensures both charging speed and fast melting without forming any lump.

Fume Extraction System

Fume Extraction System (FES) is used in melting furnaces to control the pollution caused by the fume & un-burnt particles during melting and other processes.


Electric Arc Furnace

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Ladle Refining Furnace

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Continuous Casting Machines

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Auto Hot Billet Shearer

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Other Products

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